hey-mondayThis year, a new female fronted band will be in the mouths of every music fan. With a frontwoman with spunk to spare and an enthusiasm as disarming as it is endearing, they are the band to watch in 2009. The name — Hey Monday.

Composed of Cassadee Pope (lead vocals), Michael “Jersey” Moriarty (bass guitar), Mike Gentile (lead guitar), Alex Lipshaw (rhythm guitar), Elliot James (drums) and Bobby Nolan (Keyboard), they are set to conquer Manila on February 13 as they front act for Fall Out Boy’s concert in Araneta Coliseum. Hey Monday will also be here to share their music to Filipinos via their debut album “Hold On Tight” which is a joint venture between Columbia Records and Pete Wentz’s Decaydance Records. It features the carrier single “Homecoming.”


Discovered through their frontwoman Cassadee at a regional music conference, she formed a band then signed to Columbia Records. Their debut album was produced by S*A*M and Sluggo the tandem behind The Academy Is, Gym Class Heroes and Metro Station.


”We liked the name Hey Monday because it’s very contradicting,” says Cassadee, “Most people don’t really say they’re happy about a Monday, they view it like it’s the first day of the rest of their week, but Monday can also just be a new beginning…”


Hey Monday’s album is a free-spirited spin through life’s post-adolescent twists, turns, trials and triumphs.


“Hold On Tight” will be out soon at leading record stores released through Sony Music Entertainment Philippines.


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