Gian MagdangalThe boy who first got a taste of the performing stage while still in school (he was part of the Kundirana in DeLa Salle Greenhills) continues to make surefire hits aimed at the big league via his latest, a very first solo album under Sony Music. 

Gian Magdangal will be launching his debut outing called “Love Tracks” (which he describes as “lifelong dream come true”) on GMA-7’s Sunday variety show “SOP” on April 5. The “SOP” mainstay joined the show shortly after winning the second highest honors in the coveted “Philippine Idol” in 2006 when it was first mounted by ABC-5. 

Handsome and well-mannered, Gian Magdangal easily emerged as the “face and the voice” to make a difference in that batch. His manager, Sandra Chavez of Artist House knows this fully well and her belief in Gian’s talent is so much that she held on to him alone. 

From that batch, Gian indeed, is the one. Not only is he gifted with the looks. His voice, honed through stints in several singing groups and performances on theater, is also amazingly real. Gian’s gift also comes with this outstanding ability to conquer his audience. His stage presence and charm is undeniably strong. No doubt the stage is home to this fine artist. 

The album is a product of intense collaboration between him, album producer Jimmy Antiporda and Sony Music’s A&R director Vic Valenciano. Gian expresses how proud he is of the outcome of this team effort. He said, “Love Tracks’ was made for all those people who believe in me. The songs you’ll find here are those that have been much-requested from me, collectively, from all the performances I had.” 

Gian said that doing this album made him figure that songs from the 80s and 70s era are the ones that his audience loves hearing from him. “We concluded in that manner that my audience comes predominantly from the 80s and the 70s,” he said with a smile.

The tracks in Gian’s debut album were carefully selected, and the artist’s voice soars and never disappoints. Each song was given unpretentious and unique arrangements. The complete track listing: “Lovely Day,” “Everything I Own” which is the carrier single in the album (its music video shot at Vivere Suites), “Love Will Keep Us Alive,’ “Fallen,” “Turn Back The Clock,” “Babe,” “Sharing The Night Together,” “Harvest for the World,” “She’s Always a Woman To Me,” “The Best of Me,” “I Can Dream About You,” “It Ain’t Over (Til It’s Over),” and the only original song in the album written by Gian “How Do I Make You Love Me?” 

Gian says that those who know him will easily find out that traces of his musical influences will be gleaned from the cuts in the recording. “All my interpretations will reveal those influences – Robbie Williams, John Mayer, John Legend, Eraserheads, Beatles, U2, Rivermaya, etc.” 

The one thing that makes Gian truly grateful about this album is that he was given free rein by the Sony execs and producer to record his vocals the way he wants to. “It was at first because my schedule wouldn’t jibe with that of Jimmy’s. So Jimmy thought of giving me the special microphone to bring home so I can experiment on recording my tracks at my pace. And I did,” he said. 

Gian is also elated over the fact that his creative inputs were taken seriously. “I am truly proud how this album turned out. It originally had a complete revivals list but after recording everything, I suggested if we could include at least one original song and they were very receptive. Timing naman that I had this song, which Jimmy helped me put together, and they said yes to it.” 

He told us of how the song “How Do I Make You Love Me?” came about. “Sheree and I had a fight one time. It was that kind of emotion that propelled me to write this song. It basically asks a person how he makes a loved one feel loved and cherished?”

Gian is now a proud father to a little boy, Gian Haley who is 10 months old, by his partner Sheree (also a singer and actress like himself). 

He said he has matured a lot when he sired a son. “I am more conscious of my responsibilities. Aside from this new family I have with Sheree, I am breadwinner to my own family. I am sending my younger sibling to school because my parents have both retired already. Sometimes the pressure is just too much but they help me focus on the more important things now,” he bared. 

Gian says he sees he and Sheree walking down the aisle in the future.


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