Sony Music announces the release of Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s new album entitled “Children’s Rhymes & Lullabies.” It’s a 2 CD set album, with minus ones of all songs plus inter-active booklet and song lyrics. It also features “You Are Number 1” as sung by Sharon and daughters Frankie and Miel.

“The idea for this album stemmed from a need to find both Tagalog and English songs for our children, Frankie and Miel. We are devoted, hands-on parents (something I will forever be proud of!) and have a collection of albums of English songs for kids in our home, but couldn’t add any that contained lots of Filipino ones. We figured if we felt a need for something like this, then we were pretty sure there were lots of parents out there who did, too! Plus – we thought that since there are lots of Filipino parents scattered all over the world whose children hadn’t heard of, let alone grown up with songs for them — from their homeland – that we HAD to make this collection!”

“This is for all you parents, here and abroad, and of course, for all you children — we worked hard to create this album with all of you in mind! I will always be grateful for your gift of hope, laughter, and trust. I hope that this album becomes one that you will continue to reach for and play over and over and over again – for yourselves, your children, your children’s children! And may they play it for future generations to come.” – Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan

“Children’s Rhymes & Lullabies” features School / Learning Time songs such as “Alphabet Song,” and “Sampung Mga Daliri.” Play Time songs such as “If You’re Happy And You Know It” and “I’m A Little Teapot.” Nap Time songs like “Pure Imagination” and “Rainbow Connection.” Activity Time songs such as “Magtanim Ay Di Biro” and “Pen Pen De Sarapen” and Sleep Time songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and “When You Wish Upon A Star”. The album has a total of 17 tracks plus minus-one’s so you can also sing-a-long with Sharon.

“Children’s Rhymes & Lullabies” is now available at all records stores under Sony Music.


  1. I already have a copy of this album…and it’s worth it talaga…it’s a nice project from our one and only megastar…kids love it talaga at marami sila matutunan…this should be played in preschool as well so kids would learn and have fun…congrats mega…gawa ka pa ng volume two

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