In Western music, there is Norah Jones; in Japan, there is Lisa Ono; and in Taiwan, there is Joanna Wang.  Her debut album “Start From Here” was released in January 2008.  Since most of the tracks are in English, Joanna’s debut album was a remarkable breakthrough in all Asian community including the Philippines and Japan. Her unique voice left an impressive mark and her album was also a great success.


Joanna’s unique voice may be the first thing that gets people’s attention; but in fact, she also writes her own music.  Her music style is greatly influenced by his father’s various music collections.  Joanna’s latest album “Joanna & 王若琳”(pronounced as: Joanna & Wang Ruo Lin) is now out and it features a mix of Joanna’s talents in both singing and composing.


Her voice is a combination of modern city life and jazz. She has covered many classics with her own style.  In her new album, Joanna again covered another classic by Paul Anka, “Times of Your Life” with her own style.


Discovered at age 17, the then high school girl coming from Los Angeles has rocked the Live House in Taipei. She also became the highly noticed and talked about girl among the media and music professionals in Taiwan.


Joanna’s voice deceived many people who were surprised of her talent at such a young age. This has attracted many professionals and left no empty seats at her performances. In 2005, Sony Music officially signed a record deal with Joanna.


“Joanna & 王若琳” is now out in CDs at leading record stores under Sony Music.




  1. I am a music officianado or consider myself one. I heard her by chance singing ‘Vincent’ on You Tube searching Don Maclean but I had a listen. I’m glad I did. Her wonderful smoky soulful jazzy voice did something to me and I felt things I haven’t felt since I first heard Norah Jones some 7 years ago. What an amazing voice. How come we haven’t heard of her in Australia. I will make it my mission to spread the word to everyone I think worthy of the experience.

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