BNR Sharon
The megastar never runs out of ideas to satisfy the many facets of her artistry.

Fresh from her successful comedy flick with Ms. Ai-Ai Delas Alas under Star Cinema and before she immediately leaves for a concert tour in the US and Canada, Sharon launches her much-awaited children’s album under Sony Music Entertainment called “Children’s Rhymes & Lullabies.”

This project is very close to the heart of Sharon. She, herself, with the help of her loving husband Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, was the one cooked up the idea after a personal encounter with such need for her very own kids – Frankie and Miel.

She narrated, “The idea for this album stemmed from a need to find both Tagalog and English songs for our children, Frankie and Miel. We are devoted, hands-on parents and have a collection of albums of English songs for kids in our home, but couldn’t add any that contained lots of Filipino ones. We figured if we felt a need for something like this, then we were pretty sure there were lots of parents out there who did, too! Plus we thought that since there are lots of Filipino parents scattered all over the world whose children hadn’t heard of, let alone grown up with songs for them, from their homeland, that we had to make this collection!”

The result was an extensive and intensive planning for the repertoire of the album. To be of more help to the parents and children, the following tracks were the product of a careful selection, wisely divided into six activities that the child finds himself doing in the course of his day: School / Learning Time, Play Time, Nap Time, Activity Time, and Sleep Time.

A bonus track also comes with the now popular Nido Fortified Milk theme song called “You Are Number 1” sung by Sharon and her children Frankie and Miel.

Sharon dedicates this to the most important women in the world and their beautiful chidlren, “This is for all you parents, here and abroad, and of course, for all you children. We worked hard to create this album with all of you in mind! I will always be grateful for your gift of hope, laughter, and trust. I hope that this album becomes one that you will continue to reach for and play over and over and over again – for yourselves, your children, your children’s children! And may they play it for future generations to come.”

The two-CD set, which includes minus ones of all songs and an inter-active booklet and song lyrics, is available at all record outlets under Sony Music.



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