Listen to Gloc 9‘s 40sec. teaser of “Upuan ft. Zelle” – his first single off his soon-to-be-released album “Matrikula” click HERE now.

Gloc9 MySpace

“Matrikula” is a collection of collaborations from the who’s who of the music industry – featuring Gloc 9’s remarkable rapping style. Notable names included in the album are Noel Cabangon (Bayad Ko), Gabby Alipe of Urbandub (Balita), Raymund Marasigan (Pangarap), Cookie Chua (Tao) and a host of other performers.

Initial single release from the set is his collaboration with Zelle in the track “Upuan” which is a politically-flavored track, one that puts those in power in an instant spotlight.

Make sure to check out Gloc 9’s “Matrikula” in stores this June. For more info go to


  1. Upuan is certainly a big hit in the offing. the video is excellent, the music/song itself is gripping and intriguing. Gloc 9 and the makers of the song and the video are genuises. Zelle more than just adds color to the song, she makes it all the more worthy to be given attention/praise. “Upuan” is a welcome relief to the overly sex-money-violence-power trip-laden rap songs flooding music channels these days. Morals?Values?, “Upuan” has them. Congratulations! My picky-interest on rap songs is put om hold with this song. Anyways, I’ve always been a Gloc 9 believer, not just a fan. I use to cite his songs as samples in my Humanities classes.

  2. finally, a rap song fresh and original. far from all tha remakes. i’ve seen the video for the first time then i said, “this is very good”. proper lyrics.
    not a rap fan but Gloc 9 had some sense. maybe a Francis M v.2

  3. auz…!!!sakto sa panlasa!!!sana magising na sila…
    may sense yung lyrics…sana tuloy-tuloy lang…
    sa beat ng drums auz!!!sa clapper sakto…sa lyrics swak na swak…
    naingganyo ako tuloy magsulat pa ng maraming tula!!!
    mabuhay ka sir…
    anyone can help me?gusto ko rin mabasa at marinig ng iba yung mga ginawa ko…
    kahit walang bayad oks lang….
    email nyo nalang po ako…
    tnx po…

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