Beyonce is Nominated For 6 Categories in This Year’s Teen Choice Awards

Beyonce has been nominated for 6 different Teen Choice Awards for both her music and her acting!  Who knew a fight with Ali Larter could win B an award?  Congrats, Beyonce!  Click HERE to see the full list of nominees and vote at!  Which awards do you think she’ll win?

She can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare…
Either way, you don’t want to miss the making of Beyonce’s new music video. Check it out HERE.

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Russian Radio Shows Britney Some Serious ‘Love’
Love Radio in Russia opened a new online radio station called ‘Love Britney’!  All of Britney’s hits, remixes, and bonus tracks – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  From ‘Sometimes’ to ‘Radar,’ ‘Love Britney’ has it all!  What’s playing now?  Give it a listen here!

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Five Questions For Ciara

Do you know what Ciara’s favorite ice cream is?  Do you want to know?  Watch Ciara answer 5 questions on VH1 right HERE.

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Hear Daughtry Perform Acoustic “No Surprise” LIVE!

Want to hear Daughtry perform LIVE for you while you lounge at your computer?  Well now you can!  On Thursday, June 25, Chris, Brian and Josh will be in Sweden at the RIX FM Festival, and that same day, you will be able to hear them play their hit single “No Surprise” acoustically at RIX MorronZoo.  Do not miss this one!  Check it out at

Daughtry visits Switzerland

While promoting their new album, Daughtry tells about his twitter account and how he feels connected to the fans. Read the article and watch Daughtry’s video “No Surprise” HERE.  Are you following @CHRIS_Daughtry?

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Interview with Ben Wysocki of The Fray!
Find out how long the band has known each other and how Grey’s Anatomy helped the band start on their path to stardom. Read the article HERE. Where did you first hear The Fray?

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Check out pics from the Music for Men release party in London!

The release party for Gossip’s new album, “Music for Men,” was held at Dalston Superstore in London. See pics from the party on their facebook HERE.

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John Legend shows us his compassion

John Legend gave a special live performance to more than 500 guests at Samsung’s 8th Annual Four Seasons of Hope event, where his “Show Me Campaign” was one of the benefiting charities from the event.  Read the article HERE and learn more about John’s “Show Me Campaign” HERE.

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Kasabian is #1 in the UK!

Kasabian is #1 once again in the UK with their new album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum!  They are unstoppable right now!  Congrats guys!

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Kelly Nominated For Teen Choice Award!

Kelly is up for an award at the 11th Annual Teen Choice Award for Choice Music Single!  Congrats on the nomination, thanks fans!  Let’s hope Kelly gets that nice surfboard…just in time for summer!  Click HERE to see the full list of nominees and vote at!  What’s your favorite Kelly single?

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The Kings kick back with Bruno!

Taking time out from their busy rockstar lives, the Kings of Leon watched the premiere of Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest comedy, Bruno, held at London’s Empire Leicester Square. Read more HERE.

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Trace Cyrus talks about touring with his sis.

Metro Station’s upcoming tour will be a family affair for siblings Trace and Miley Cyrus. Find out how Trace feels about touring with Miley HERE.

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Michael Jackson is big inspiration for rap sensation Soulja Boy.

In an interview with MTV, Soulja Boy explains that Michael Jackson has been his largest inspiration, and says he has imitated MJ’s stage presence at a few shows! Read more HERE. How has Michael inspired you?

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Paul Potts loves Korea!

Paul Potts just finished touring in Korea and recalls what an awesome experience it was. He plans to visit again early next year. Find out what else he had to say about his visit HERE.

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The Script Ready To Rock Down Under
We are also extremely happy to announce The Script are returning to Australia in September for a National tour (announced today)!  Check out Australian dates HERE.

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