Beyonce Fan Puts A Ring On His Single Lady!  Guess He Liked It…

During her sold-out performance at the BankAtlantic Center in Florida, Beyonce halted the concert in the middle of ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).’  Now why would she do that?  She then handed the mic over to a male fan in the crowd who took the song’s lyrics to heart, dropped down on one knee, and proposed to his girlfriend!  See what he said to his lady in front of a 20,000+ person crowd and Beyonce herself and his girlfriend’s answer HERE.  What Beyonce Song would you propose with?


Beyonce To Get ‘Fierce’ On The Runway

Have you been inspired by the glitz and glamour (and glitter) that make up the costumes of the one and only Sasha Fierce?  Well, you’re in luck, Beyonce and Mom Tina’s fashion line Deréon will soon feature pieces inspired by Beyonce’s party girl alter-ego.  Beyonce believes that “there is a little Sasha Fierce in every girl!”  Learn more about the line and where you can get your own ‘Ego’ outfit HERE.  Which Beyonce video would you dress up as?


Beyonce Helps Young Survivors

Beyonce, along with Halle Berry, Demi Moore, and others, has joined Girls Educational and Mentoring Services’ “Girls Are Not For Sale” Campaign to raise support for young women who have been victims of sex trafficking and exploitation.  Learn about the video that inspired Beyonce to get involved, her meeting with some of these young women, and how you can help HERE.


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Britney Spears Saved Their Lives
The UK’s BBC 3 is making a documentary about Britney fans – titled “Britney Spears Saved my Life.” You may be her biggest fan – but do you spend 90% of your income strictly on your Britney habit? Watch clips from the upcoming documentary HERE.  What makes you the biggest Britney fan?


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The Key To Love & War – Friends & Futons

Daniel recently gave an interview with MTV Australia, in which he discussed some “skeletons in his closet.”  And they’re just the kind his fans want to know about.  Learn why one hard-drive can become “very scandalous” if it fell into the wrong hands HERE.  Do you have any secrets you want to share?


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Track By Track Commentary

Hey fans, Daughtry wants to let you know all about their new album.  With that in mind, they will be updating the site with commentary on each track, every day until the album releases.  Stay tuned!


Daughtry Keeps It Intimate With Fans

Daughtry will pack up their bags (and instruments) and embark on a US club tour to send “a thank you to our loyal fans.”  The guys want to keep it nice, simple, and at a low-price.  Isn’t that what music’s really about?  Learn more about the club tour and why Daughtry digs the club scene HERE.


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The Fray’s Q&A Session With The Journal Sentinel

Think you really know The Fray?  Well, The Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel asked Drummer Ben Wysocki some personal questions…and he answered them all!  Check out this interview to find out which 5 rock stars he’d invite to dinner, what item in his closet needs to be burned, and whom from Rock n Roll he’d want with him in a bar fight (Hint: it’s a DIVA).  Some answers may surprise you…which 5 rock stars would you invite to dinner?


The Fray Discuss The Fray

While busy promoting their self-titled album, The Fray took some time out to discuss their sophomore album with LiveDaily.  Ever wonder why the album is simply named after the band?  Was it laziness or is there a deeper meaning?  Find out the answer and learn about the inspirations and process behind writing and recording The Fray in this interview.  What’s your favorite track from The Fray?


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Domino Print Tights, And Dresses And Scarves. Oh My!

So, you know that Beth Ditto has a new fashion line, but did you know we have pics from the launch party? Check them out HERE.  Which would you buy – the domino tights, dress, or scarf (or all three)???


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Casual Just Isn’t Il Divo’s Style

Sebastien discusses Il Divo, Simon Cowell, and, of course, the group’s Armani style.  Find out why you won’t find Il Divo in jeans anytime soon HERE.  Il Divo sings in multiple languages, which one do you think sounds the best?


Interview with Il Divo’s David Miller

Miller explains how the band chooses songs, deals with language barriers and Simon Cowell. How is Il Divo like the circus? Find out HERE.




Legend Gets A Label!

John is getting ready to launch his own record label to find and break new artists with music publishers Cherry Lane.  Find out the name of the new project HERE.  What kind of music do you want to see on John’s label?


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‘Already Gone’ Shows No Signs of Leaving!

Kelly’s latest single ‘Already Gone’ has become the #2 Most Added single in Australian radio this week!  Let’s aim for #1!  Haven’t heard ‘Already Gone’ on your country’s radio yet?  Get on the phone and request it!


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Kings of Leon Live DVD

Never seen the Kings live for yourself?  Well, you may soon be able to bring their June 30th concert at the O2 Arena to your living room!  The DVD is still in the works, so check back at for updates & click HERE for NME’s article about the potential DVD.


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Natasha Bedingfield performs in D.C. for the 4th of July!

The pop star sang at A Capitol Fourth overlooking the Washington Monument along with Barry Manilow and Aretha Franklin for Independence Day. Watch the video of her hit “Pocket Full of Sunshine” HERE.




Paul Potts To Come To NY’s Beacon Theatre

Paul is ready to wow fans, much like he did on Britain’s Got Talent, this time in New York’s Beacon Theatre on July 9th!  Find out more about the show & Paul Potts HERE.  Did you know Paul left his appearance on BGT up to a coin toss?


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Ah, Berlin!

The Tings revealed to NME that they plan on converting an old Berlin jazz club to record their second album in it!  Like they did with the first album, they will try out new songs on the local crowds.  Learn more about their German plans and how the city has inspired them in the past HERE.  Which is better ‘That’s Not My Name’ or ‘Great DJ’?


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