Beyonce Tops Forbes’ Young Rich List

Beyonce has earned the top spot on Forbes Magazine’s list of top young entertainers.  Thanks to record sales, movie roles, endorsements, and, most importantly, her fans, Beyonce joins a very powerful list.  Click HERE to see what made B the top earner and who else made the list.

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Britney Must Be Good If Perez Approves!
Brit added a new song into the Circus mix at her Paris show and surprised the crowd with ‘Mannequin’. See what celeb gossip columnist Perez Hilton has to say about the addition and watch the video HERE. What song would you want her to add to the show?
OK! Magazine Tracks Britney’s Career

Click HERE to see OK! Magazine’s photo timeline of Britney’s career!  From ‘Baby…One More Time’ to Baby number 1 to Candies #1 Babe, OK! has some great photos.  Which one is your favorite?
Oops…She Did It Again!
Candies has announced that Britney will extend her run as Candies Girl in the company’s ad campaign.  You may have seen the spring ads, but this new line has a whole new vibe.  Learn more HERE.  Did you know that the dresses and jeans worn by Brit in the new ‘Radar’ video are available from Candies
English 101 With Professor Spears
Check out this video of Russian Grandmas learning the English language with a little help from Brit.  Move over Rosetta Stone, hello Britney!

Britney Spears Fans Dance To “Baby One More Time”
WATCH these Britney fans celebrate their idol by performing the full choreography of Brit’s first hit song!  What’s your favorite Brit song to dance to?

BBC3 Shows How Britney Saved The Lives Of These Die-Hard Fans
Weird, funny, emotional – these fans owe Britney their lives.  WATCH these clips of the documentary before it airs in your country.  How has Britney helped your life?

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Ciara’s Fantasy Ride Is A Trip For Her Fans And Herself
Looks like the singer’s ‘Goodies’ have gotten better, as Ciara has performed with Britney Spears and will soon share the stage with Jay-Z this year.  It’s a long journey from her hometown Texas to international superstar, and in this interview Ciara discusses how her confidence has grown since Goodies and how she switches her style if she’s with Britney or Jay-Z but still stays CiCi.  Read the article HEREFantasy Ride is the latest in Ciara’s development as an artist; how has Ciara helped you grow?

Ciara Remembers Michael Jackson
Ciara pays respect to her inspiration, Michael Jackson, on the red carpet at Rap-Up’s 4th Anniversary & Summer Issue Release Party. Watch the video HERE.

Ciara Covers Michael Jackson
Watch Ciara perform a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Heal The World” at the 2009 BET Awards.

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Daniel Goes Face-To-Face
Online multimedia magazine FaceCulture asked Daniel Merriweather some interesting questions, and of course he answered them!  Find out what he thinks of Love & War, the Dap Kings, Mark Ronson, other talented musicians and much more by clicking HERE.  What’s your favorite song from Australia’s newest soul singer?

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The New York Times Reviews Leave This Town
The New York Times dives deep into Daughtry’s latest album Leave This Town and shares its thoughts.  The 2nd album has a lot to live up to with the self-titled first album being a smash hit.  Does The NYT think LTT beat its predecessor?  Find out HERE.  Leave it to the Times to give true insight into the album.  What do you think of Daughtry’s latest?

Leave This Town Is One Of Entertainment Weekly’s Top Picks!
Find out why LTT’s “meat-and-potato” grittiness joined Harry Potter and made’s list of top entertainment picks of the week HERE.  Which LTT track would you make your top pick?

Chris Talks Twitter, Radio…and Chipmunks?
Wonder what caused Chris to become @Chris_Daughtry (his twitter username) or what it’s like hearing his own voice on the radio for the first time?  Well, Newsweek has your answers.  Click HERE to see them and find out why Chris’ only celebrity beef is with Alvin from the Chipmunks.  Are you following @Chris_Daughtry?

Daughtry Hits The Bullseye in Entertainment Weekly
Entertainment Weekly says Chris Daughtry’s cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” is right on the mark! Have you seen the buzz worthy video yet? No? Then click HERE!  What do you think of “Daughtry Face”?

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David To Perform At The 2009 Homerun Derby
David will make this year’s MBL Homerun Derby truly an American festival as the American Idol returns to his native Missouri to sing for America’s greatest pastime.  See what superstars and other Missouri natives will join David on stage HERE.  What song would you want to see David sing at the Derby?

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Beth’s Fashion Line Aims To “Think Outside The Box”
Sure, there’s Music For Men, but now Gossip offers fans clothing for women!  Beth has teamed up with Evans in the UK to create her own clothing line for women in sizes 14 to 32.  Beth hopes to “inspire you to think outside the box. After all, boxes are square and in more ways than one we are not.”  Bet you didn’t think you could find prom dresses and leggings in the same store…but then again it’s Beth.  When will you get your own domino leggings?

Get The 411 on Music For Men recently reviewed Music For Men.  See what they had to say about the album’s power instruments, the complexity of Beth’s vocals, and their picks for the best tracks HERE.  What’s your favorite track from Music For Men?

Gossip Continues To Break The Mold
Large & in charge – the words that define Gossip, and the world has taken notice.  Check out this article by JoongAng Daily and learn why they think Gossip deserves the atypical title they’ve been given.  Have you seen the band’s crazy onstage antics live?

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Incubus Hits Santa Barbara, CA
After a two-year absence, Incubus returned to the California stage of the Santa Barbara Bowl with an “explosive” two-hour performance.  From indie-rock to funk-jazz, the band brought their unique sound to 4,500+ sized crowd.  Learn more about Incubus’ SB performance and why the Ventura County Star described the band as “pitch-perfect” HERE.  What’s the best Incubus song you’ve heard live?

Brandon Boyd – Musician From The Start
Most kids dream of becoming a firefighter, an astronaut, or some other professional who wears a fun suit.  But not our frontman Brandon Boyd!  Learn why Brandon loves every step of the musical process – from writing to recording – HERE.  What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Brandon Brushes Up
Incubus singer Brandon Boyd traded his mic for a paintbrush during the band’s hiatus. WATCH this interview on CNN to learn more about Incubus. 

Chuck Yourself
That’s right, we said it.  The “Chuck Yourself” App for iPhone & iPod Touch lets you put Incubus’ famous mascot’s eyebrows and ‘stache on your favorite pics.  Have you downloaded “Chuck Yourself” yet?  Check out “Chuck Yourself” at its best with these photos that fans have uploaded and learn how to download the app HERE.

John “Krafts” A Masterpiece on Letterman
Check out John’s performance of “Heartbreaker” with MSTRKRFT on Letterman HERE.  Who would you like to see John collaborate with next?

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J Sparks Finds New ‘Battlefields’
Being an ‘Idol’ has its perks.  Just ask Seasons 6 winner Jordin Sparks, who is currently on tour with the Jonas Brothers.  Jordin talked travel with USA Today, and discusses her favorite places to visit, tips on how to travel Jordin-style, and more.  What city has surprised her recently?  And what is her BEST travel memory?  Find out in this interview.  If you could take a road trip with Jordin, where would you go?
Jordin Knows Life Is A ‘Battlefield.’  Yes, She Gets Her Armor

Jordin recently talked about her upcoming album and life in the spotlight with Australia’s Herald Sun.  Although the album shows Jordin’s more mature side, she assures fans that she’s still the same girl that won Idol two years ago.  Learn how her upcoming album truly comes from the heart, how she battles the media, and what it’s like working with her label in this interview.


Kelly Wraps Up The San Diego Fair
Focusing on her new album All I Ever Wanted and throwing some of her other awesome hits such as ‘Breakaway,’ ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes,’ and ‘Miss Independent’ Kelly rocked the San Diego Fair. Read about her performance HERE. What’s the best Kelly album so far?

Kelly Visits So You Think You Can Dance 
Kelly performed on So You Think You Can Dance and had time to answer some questions.  Watch this behind-the-scenes interview with Kelly, and see how she feels about dancing HERE.

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The Kings Of Leon – Past, Present, & Future
With Only By The Night giving the Kings long-awaited credit in the US, they are truly enjoying international acclaim.  And with the album on its sixth single in America, the Kings are gearing up for their US tour and their next album.  Oh yeah, and what about those rumored Australian tour dates?  Check out this interview to hear what the guys had to say about their career thus far and what you can expect in the next year.  What’s your favorite KOL album?

The Kings Become ‘Heroes’
‘Sex On Fire’ will be a part of Guitar Hero 5’s 85-song lineup!  Read Rolling Stone’s coverage of the upcoming game and its “setlist” HERE.  Are The Kings your favorite ‘Guitar Hero’?

Kings Of Leon & Fans Agree: Music + Booze = Great Show
While headlining T in the Park, The Kings paid tribute to two of music’s great influences – Jimi Hendrix and booze.  Find out why liquid courage makes Scotland one of KOL’s favorite places to perform and what part of his body Matthew used to play his guitar ala Hendrix HERE.

The Kings are #1 in the Philippines!
“Notion” is #1 in the Philippines on Jam 88.3! Congrats KOL!

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Queen’s University Honours The Priests
Later this year, Canada’s Queen’s University will present The Priests with the Graduate of the Year Award.  Find out what earned the trio the award HERE.

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Rolling Stone breaks down The Script!
They break down who they are, what they sound like, their stats & where to get their tunes. Check out what Rolling Stone says about The Script HERE!

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The Ting Tings – No Keyboards?  Ain’t No Thing Thing
During their performance in Scotland’s T In the Park, the band’s equipment didn’t show until just before they hit the stage and then the keyboards copped out.  Awful timing, and most bands would freak out.  Not The Tings!  Jules simply moved over to the guitar and drums and continued to rock out!  Find out how Katie and Jules bounced back and put on a killer show HERE.  Who said there were no more surprises in music?


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