Sean Kingston 2008

April of last year, Sean Kingston visited the Philippines to promote his self-titled debut album that includes the smash hit single “Beautiful Girls.” Now he’s back and ready to release his sophomore album entitled “Tomorrow” come September 21st.

tomorrow cover_gif

Kingston’s second album, reflects the 19-year-old’s growth as a person as well as his evolution as a singer, songwriter, and entertainer. It is a buoyant collection of pop-fueled feel-good anthems and dance-floor clarion calls that bumps everything from electro-pop (the club-banging first single “Fire Burning”) to rock (“Shoulda Let U Go” featuring Good Charlotte), to reggae (the breezy “Island Queen”), to R&B (“Wrap U Around Me”).

Read more about his upcoming album HERE and explore the world of Tomorrow at (if you have 3D glasses hanging around put them on and see how the world really comes alive!)


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