Pop/Rock band Callalily is set to release their third album this October. The new self-titled album is bannered by the carrier single “Nananaginip,” composed by guitarist Tatsi Jamnague who surprisingly dished out his songwriting skills for 3 other songs in the album. The rest of the tracks were written by vocalist Kean Cipriano who also wrote most of the tracks from their previous album “Fisheye.” Also notable for this album are the remarkable production contributions from ex-Eraserhead Buddy Zabala.

Callalily Album

Here’s the track listing of “Callalily:”
1. Langit
2. Liwanag
3. Nananaginip
4. Gabay
5. Dance All Night
6. Dahilan
7. Someday Oneday
8. Right
9. Nagagalit
10. Eyes On Me (Ooh-Lala
11. L.O.V.E. Love
12. Goodnight

Visit us again for more update about Callalily’s new album which is scheduled to come out week of October 19.



  1. aahm,, pwede,pwede!
    alam niop, em xo excited na,,6 days to go!hahahaha,

    —i really2 love u guys.., xana nxt year, punta lit kaung BSU..xa foundation.
    hahahaha,,xa batangas un kxe,MAHAL NA MAHAL NAMEN KAU! lalo ako…promise,,

    aaa, stay nice,cute and rocking!..kipseyp,,

  2. wow exciting to!.. teka wala pa rin keong revival song dito??

    im waitng 4 this!

    sana cover nyo ung “use somebody” ng King of Leon ganda nun napanood ko sa youtube ung cover nyo nun…. ^_^

  3. ..last week ko lang nlamang may third album na pla ang Callalily..oh my, i’m not that updated anymore..kaawa-awa na tlg ako.. other people out there, I’ve been waiting for this and thank God, it is finally here.. tell the truth, seeing the track listing makes me so curious about how it all sounds like..

  4. your the best,!!!! sori ndi ako updated, peo at last, may third album na,,, whoo. u rock!!!!!!!!!!

  5. They say MUSIC is the language of the soul. People love music so much… but then when the dark clouds came in my life. I dont like to listen to any kind of music. You hear them everyday but you ignore it. Maybe I’m just a lost soul those days until CALLALILY BAND come along……..
    Their MUSIC brought me to life………
    Lift and heal my soul…..
    Lift and heal my soul……
    I just want to say
    THANK YOU ………..
    YOU mean so much to ME……

  6. hmm !!~ hi callalily ,! hi kean ! MUSIC IS OUR LIFE !!!!!!!! heheheee?

    sna bumalik c alden pra buo ulet ang grupo neu ,,, hmm by the way ,, callalily congrats sa BFGF neu aa ?? hahaha lalo na kay KEAN ,, hee? i always watching BFGF ,, super ganda !

    and for the album ,, sana mas dumame pa album na mgawa neu .. more power guyzz !!!

    hahaha npkaganda ng samahan neu ,, sna muling “MAGBALIK” c alden !….

  7. hmp…..uztah sa laht ng callalistah
    lalo na sa band ng callalily
    hmp.ang ganda ng bfgf hndi q pinalalagpas tuwing linggo jejeje

  8. L.R!!!!!

    ..pero ASTIG Parin at CUTEEEEEE ang CALLALILY!!!..
    especially c KEAN…..ahhhhh,,..

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