Raygun is a new British band who is ready to bring excitement back to Rock and Roll with their first single “Just Because.” The band recently made a rockin’ performance at the MTV World Stage in Malaysia which was attended by over 15,000 concert revelers. They also supported P!nk during the European leg of her 2009 Funhouse Tour and now their preparing for the release of their album which will come out this October 12.
Raygun Album
Their frontman is called Ray Gun and he’s the man on “lead vox and sonic experimentation”. He looks and sounds like the velvet-voiced, finger-waggling progeny of a promiscuous session between Jagger, Bowie and Iggy pop. Then there’s The Adj, the band’s scarf-swaddled, beard-sporting songwriter, on “war guitar and audio discovery”. Add Ben Lyonsmyth on bass (“hip shaker and bottom end”) and Sam Embery on drums (“pace maker and heartbreaker”). Visit their official site here to know more about the band!


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