Adam Lambert Humbled By The Devotion Of His Fans
Check out this recent Adam Lambert video interview!  If you want to know what Adam thinks of his fans and fan gifts click HERE!


Backstreet Boys’ This Is Us Embraces Dirty South Sound
It’s back to the pulsating beats and dance-music vibe, and Brian Littrell thinks now is the perfect time for the guys to show the world they still have what it takes.  To get the full scoop on the Backstreet Boys’ new and old sounds, listen to the MTV phone interview HERE!
Backstreet Boys are #1 Across Asia
Backstreet’s back, and Asia can prove it.  “Straight Through My Heart” is #1 at radio in Indonesia and Korea, #3 in Hong Kong, and #4 in Lebanon and Taiwan.  The album has jumped up to #1 from #13 in Korea.  Keep up the great work fans!  The boys appreciate everything!


Barbra Will Be Co-Starring With Liza Minelli
Liza Minelli recently revealed that she and Barbra Streisand will be co-starring in the upcoming Sex & the City movie sequel.  Minelli has told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper that apart from performing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” hit, backed by two females in wigs, fellow diva Barbra Streisand will also appear in a lavish wedding scene.  To read up on the story click HERE.
Barbra Streisand Top 10 Debut in Argentina
Barbra’s new album has debuted in Argentina at #7!  Fantastic!  Let’s get her up to #1.  What other countries love Barbra?


Beyonce And Billboard Break It Down
After gracing the cover of Billboard magazine as “Woman Of The Year”, Beyonce sat down with Billboard recently for a personal and in depth interview.  B touched on topics from exercise regimes, to her new fragrance, and even future plans for having children! Beyonce’s interview with Billboard is a must read!  Take a look at the interview HERE.
Beyonce Still Tops Global Charts!

This is amazing.  Beyonce’s album has been out for a long time now, and it is still the hottest thing out there!  She has got 4 singles that are all massive at the same time.  Only Beyonce can do things like that!  Here are the stats:
Asia – I Am…Sasha Fierce is Platinum in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan now!  “Sweet Dreams” is #1 in Malaysia, #2 in Hong Kong, and #3 in Thailand, while “Ego” is #3 in Malaysia.
Australia – The album is #5, while all 4 singles are still in the Top 40 there!
Canada – “Sweet Dreams” video is #1 at MuchMoreMusic! 
Europe – “Halo” once again #1 in Sweden.  “Sweet Dreams” is at #12 in Europe, #14 in Greece, #3 in Poland, #14 in Russia, #6 in Sweden, #18 in Turkey, and #10 on the Portuguese digital chart.  Norway has got 3 singles in the Top 40.
Latin America – The album is #2 in Brazil, where it is 3x Platinum already!  Mexico has got “Halo” at #6!
Congrats B!  You have really got fans ALL OVER THE WORLD!


Asia Is Love Drunk For BLG!
Check out how the boys are doing in Asia.  “Love Drunk” is #11 in Malaysia, #3 in the Philippines, and #5 in Singapore.  Keep up the great work fans!


Britney Spears “3” Is #1!
Congrats Brit, yet another iTunes #1!  That’s correct; Miss Spears’ hot new single “3” has topped the iTunes singles chart in multiple countries just one week after being released!  The song is just so catchy, how could you not love it?  Is “3” your new favorite Britney song?? 
Diane Martel To Direct “3” Music Video
Britney’s music video for “3” is sure to be nothing short of spectacular.  According to Brit’s Twitter, talented director Diane Martel is working with Brit on some new and crazy concepts for the shoot.  Britney seems to be excited, tweeting “Shooting my 3 video in LA…It’s gonna be hot!”  How excited are you for the new video??
Britney Spears: Oops, She Did It Again!
Congratulations Britney!  Her upcoming single “3” has landed the No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100”.  Can’t get enough of Britney?  Then check out this special Britney fashion spotlight HERE.  What do you think will she be wearing in her new video?


Carrie Underwood’s Early Christmas Surprise!
Who says you need to wait until Christmas morning to unwrap your presents?!
Carrie will host her own special on December 7, tentatively titled “Carrie Underwood.  Merry Christmas!  To learn more about it click HERE.


Aussies Get Their Superstar Daniel Merriweather Back
Luckily worldwide fans know how to share!  Daniel Merriweather will be in Australia this coming November and December for a series of intimate headlining performances in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney!  For more information click HERE.
Daniel Merriweather Gives Interview To Dubai Time Out Magazine
Hey fans! Want to know what Daniel thinks about talent, tales of medical horror and the birth of his solo album?  Read the full interview HERE.
Daniel Merriweather Nominated At The Urban Music Awards!
Congratulations!  Daniel has been nominated at this year’s Urban Music Awards for “Best Album 2009”, which will be taking place in London on November 1st.  Eligible fans can cast their votes for Daniel HERE.


Daughtry Duet At CMA Awards Confirmed
Vince Gill and Daughtry have been booked to perform a duet at the upcoming 43rd annual CMA Awards!  The Country Music Awards will take place November 11 in Nashville, Tennessee.  To get more information on the CMA awards click HERE and stay tuned at!


Beth Ditto Gossips About Gossip
Beth Ditto got to clarify some gossip surrounding the band in an interview with  Ditto gets into detail about their album Music for Men and the band’s exploding popularity.  Read all of the Gossip right HERE.
Rolling Stone Reviews Music For Men
Rolling Stone is officially on the Gossip bandwagon!  The rock magazine has overwhelmingly positive remarks about the album including “Beth Ditto is a bow-down awesome singer” and “they (Gossip) remake themselves as a badass dance machine.”  The compliments just keep on coming!  Great job Gossip!
A Quickie With Blilie
Gossip drummer Hannah Blilie and got to go one on one in an interview recently.  The talented drummer talks about the band’s creativity, while hyping up their current tour in an interview found HERE
Nathan Of Gossip Rants And Raves
Gossip guitarist Nathan (Brace Paine on stage) has long been a favorite interview subject for the media. A short interview with has Nathan talking about concert crowds, Twitter and the end of the world. Get more familiar with Nathan right HERE.
Oh Oui! Gossip Reaches Gold in France
“Music Men” reaches Gold in France and is still goes strong in the French album charts, ranking in the Top 10.  Merci France and congratulations Gossip!


Kings Of Leon Have Been Nominated at the American Music Awards
Attention fans! The King of Leon have been nominated in the best artist category of the AMA’s.  The American Music Awards will take place on November 22 in Los Angeles.  For more information on the nominations, click HERE.


Leona “Sparks” Tears Of Joy
In an interview with, Jordin Sparks revealed how Leona Lewis’ kindness almost made her cry after a recent performance.  Also, when asked for her opinion on Leona’s new single “Happy”, Jordin exclaimed “I love the lyrics…The way Leona performs it is just amazing.”  Read the entire interview right HERE.  Isn’t Leona just the best?
Leona Lewis Wants To Work With Jay Z
She’s worked with Akon, Cassidy and even performed with Lil Wayne, but it’s Jay-Z who Leona Lewis would most like to collaborate with.  “I’m not into rap music. But if anyone, it would be Jay-Z.”  Could Leona and Jay Z become the new dream team?  What do you think?  Check out the article HERE.


“This Is It” Sets Best-Selling Concert Film Record has officially stated that “at this point in time, This Is It is the best selling concert film of all time.” also admits it has never seen their amount of sellouts so far in advance for any movie in history. Together, both companies have sold-out over 1,000 showings of the epic film.  Wow, simply an amazing show of support for the King of Pop by MJ fans.
Will Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Win The King of Pop Another Grammy?
Michael Jackson won 13 Grammy Awards, including the top prizes of best album (“Thriller”), record (“Beat It”) and song (“We Are the World”).  With the release of the new single “This Is It”, Michael Jackson could be in contention for more awards at the Grammys in 2011 (Aug. 31 was the eligibility cutoff for the 2010 awards).  Want to know more about MJ’s Grammy history? Check out the L.A. Times article HERE.


Pitbull Is The General In A “Rebelution”
Pit is proud that he was able to accomplish a rare feat within the hip hop scene: create a true niche.  Pitbull told that his hometown of Miami served as inspiration for his music; both becoming a melting pot of musical and cultural styles.  Take a Pit stop and check out the article HERE.  Do you like Pit’s style?
Pitbull True To His Cuban Heritage
Pitbull recently gave CNN an interview in which he spoke about his Cuban heritage.  In five years, he’s gone from a mouthy Miami street hustler to a chart-topping hip-hop star whose infectious Caribbean beats have enticed crossover crowds to swing their hips and sing along.  But Pitbull’s growing profile means nada as he takes the mound to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game.  “I’m the only Cuban who never picked up a baseball in his life”.  To read up on the full story click HERE.
“Hotel Room Service” Is Serving Hotel Rooms All Around The World!
Pitbull’s “Hotel Room Service” is taking control of all the charts around the world already!  It is #2 in France, #2 in the Philippines, #2 in Jordan, #6 in Lebanon, #7 in Hong Kong, #11 at iTunes in the UK, and #15 in Malaysia.  Mexico has “I Know You Want Me” at #6, Argentina has it at #1, and Colombia has it at #2, with “Hotel Room Service” trailing just behind it at #5!  This is fantastic work fans!  Keep it up!


Your Boy Sean Kingston Got Some Music Writing Skills!
Sean Kingston has a problem: he can’t stop making hit singles.  The 19-year-old delivered the summer jam of 2007 with “Beautiful Girls,” and owned summer ‘09 with the smash hit “Fire Burning.”  Check out why he now wants to collaborate with Kanye and Taylor Swift, and what he listens to when he hangs with his mom HERE.


Whitney Houston Announces Her First European Gigs!
Attention UK fans and those of you who can’t wait to see her live! Whitney is expected to perform 5 shows in the UK early next year!  The dates kick off on April 8 at the Manchester MEN before hitting Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and London.  Check for updates regularly right here on
Marc Jacobs Collection Inspired By Whitney Houston
Fashion critics rave about Marc Jacobs’ new collection which seems to have found inspiration in Whitney Houston’s fashion heydays.  Check out the article HERE.  Which all-time Whitney look is your favorite look?

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