They started as a young band eager to play and share their music to more people. Since then, their success has been unparalleled. Two major label releases (“Destination XYZ” and “Fisheye”), a gold record, more than 5 #1 singles (“Stars,” “Take My Hand,” “Magbalik,” “Pasan,” “Sanctuary” and “Susundan”), and screaming fans, Callalily has achieved more than any band their age has experienced.

Now, they are moving forward and it is evident on their third album, simply titled Callalily. To its members—drummer Lemuel Belaro, bassist Aaron Ricafrente, rhythm guitarist Tatsi Jamnague, lead guitarist Alden Acosta and vocalist Kean Cipriano, this brand new offering is a representation of who they are as a band, hence self-titled.

“It was designed to be an honest, no-frills showcase of our emotions and views. The self-titled album was to symbolize being about ‘us’ in our purest form,” Alden said.

Guiding them for this work is none other than ex-Eraserhead and current bassist of The Dawn Buddy Zabala.

“It was a privilege to work with someone arguably synonymous with OPM bands
of this era. His ideas are a crucial part of the album especially giving it an air of maturity in a musical sense, Alden said.

“Man! It was one hell of an experience! We love working with him. He brought out the best in us and maximized our musical capabilities. Through him, I learned that to create a good album, you have to enjoy and bring out a good vibe in the studio and with the people you work with. No pressure, just rock and roll. His ideas were magical, Kean added.

Those experiences certainly helped the band craft songs that are almost a summary of their previous album Destination XYZ” and “Fisheye” but still unique. Some of Tatsi’s experiences inspired him to write tracks like the poignant carrier single “Nananaginip” that tells of how one expresses his heartache. Aside from him, Kean and Alden likewise contributed songs. In this album, topics ranged from letting go (“Someday Oneday”), changes (“Eyes On Me [Ooh-Lala],” “Dance All Night”), more heartbreak (“Dahilan”) to love (“L.O.V.E” and “Goodnight”). There are also songs they consider weird (“Nagagalit”), very personal (“Langit”) or just happened (“Right”). Other singles are “Liwanag” and “Gabay.”

“It is a mix between sweetness and angst,” Alden said of their songs.

If some consider their sophomore effort to be “heavier” than their debut album, they are one in saying this new record is “organic, solid, less sparkle and meatier.” Willing to try new things but not betraying the Callalily style. This after all is especially for their loyal fans they call Callalistas.

“We are proud to say that our Callalistas are the most solid supporters in the world. We love them more than they know and we will not be here if not for them. The fact that we are growing together, this will never stop. They love us and we love them. As long as we’re alive… we’ll shine!” Kean said.

Callalily’s self-titled album is now out under Sony Music Philippines. Their album will be launched this November 27, 9pm at Mogwai Bar, Cubao Expo, Quezon City.


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