This 2010, everyone will check their clocks and wait for 2PM!

Sony Music and JYP Entertainment present one of the hottest groups in South Korea—2PM. They are set to capture the hearts and minds of Pinoys and K-pop fans with “THE FIRST ALBUM 01:59PM“!

The album features the carrier single “HEARTBEAT.” Its catchy beats and cool dance moves from their music video will sure be another hit among kids and adults alike and the new lyric to sing will be “Listen to my heartbeat! It’s waiting for you!” “HEARTBEAT” will be the next K-pop craze next to “Nobody.”

2PM is composed of Wooyoung (main vocalist), Junsu (lead vocalist), Junho (main vocalist), Nichkhun (vocalist), Chansung (vocalist, rapper), and Taecyeon (main rapper, vocalist) who debuted in 2008 with their first single “10 Points Out Of 10 Points” from their first single album “Hottest Time Of The Day”. The group, whose members originally include leader Jaebeom (main vocalist, rapper) are all trained in dancing, acrobatics and singing, is discovered and managed by JYP Entertainment, where the Wonder Girls (who popularized “Nobody”) also belong to. In mid-2009, 2PM returned with their second single album entitled “2:00 Time For Change” which includes the chart-topping tracks “Again and Again” and “I Hate You.” The said tracks are also included in 2PM’s “THE FIRST ALBUM 01:59PM” which will be released at your favorite record stores under Sony Music Philippines by end of January.

HEARTBEAT” is set to premiere on MYX Music Channel this Sunday, January 17 at 2PM. Watch out for it!



  1. Will you also include a Poster for every purchase of the 1:59pm album of 2PM? I hope you’ll also bring the ‘Hottest Time of the Day’ and ‘Time for Change’ albums here in the Philippines! :]

  2. 2PM is composed of 7 members! Park Jaebeom (Leader,main vocalist, rapper), Junsu, Nickhun,Taecyeon,Wooyoung,Chansung. Kindly re-write your article and include Leader Park Jaebeom in the list. We are anticipating this album so much and we want you to know about this very IMPORTANT information about 2PM so please consider this! We trust that you will hear us out! 2PM=7 members!

  3. 2PM is 7 members…PARK JAEBUM, KIM JUNSU, NICHKHUN, OK TAECYEON, JANG WOOYOUNG, LEE JUNHO adn HWANG CHANSUNG…this is the member of 2PM and i saw that ur missing JAEBUM’s name..

  4. 2PM is consisted of 7 members, not 6. The members are Park Jaebeom (leader), Kim Junsu, Nichkhun, Ok Taecyeon, Jang Wooyoung, Lee Junho and Hwang Chansung. The group who debuted with 10 out of 10 is 2PM with 7 members. Please revise the information you provided. Thanks.

  5. 2pm is not 7, they are one!! Park Jae Bum is their leader forever!! Without him, the time almost have stopped at 1:59pm!! Help us bring him back!! Park Jae Bum fighting!! 2pm fighting!!

  6. I’m glad they’re gonna be having their time here. ALSO!

    Please include Park Jae Bum. 2pm has 7 members, nothing’s gonna change that. He is their leader. Bring back Jay!

  7. Don’t you think you forgot something? :/
    Why is there NO MENTION of the leader Park Jaebum?
    He is still part of 2PM as far as we know!
    And he was here for the songs you mentioned excepted Heartbeat so I really don’t get it uh :/
    Anyway we’re not gonna forget him so please do write his name with the others.

  8. you forget about the leader.. LEADER PARK JAEBUM (vocal, leader, rapper) ..

    it’s true that he does not promote 1.59PM album, but he is still the leader..

  9. 2PM has 7 members Not 6 members.
    You forgot to Name “Jaeboem” on this article
    and the information and pictures are wrong .

    Please be carful

  10. 2pm band is the one Of the most important and biggest bands in korea ..
    all of the members have talent and good vocal ..
    and we didn’t ever forget about Jay leader of this group ..
    2pm = 7 = 1

  11. Hey!!!
    2PM is 7…. Junsu, Junho, Wooyoung, Taecyon, Nickhun, Chansung.. and Last but not the least… JAY..The one and only leader of 2PM.. please do not disregard him, he is also a part of 2PM…

  12. EDIT: To Sony Music Philippines: Please get your facts straight! 2PM is composed of 7 members namely, WooYoung, JunSu, JunHo, NichKhun, ChanSung, TaecYeon and JAEBEOM. Kindly rewrite your article. Thanks!:]

  13. Kindly correct your article. 2pm has seven member not six. Park Jae-bomb has been and always will be the leadja.

  14. thanks for editing the article. its good to know that u didnt ignore our requests! THank you so much! We will look forward to 2PM Launch here in the Philippines! 2PM=7 Forever!
    We are all waiting for Jay!!!

  15. Thanks for editing the article! By the way, is the album an original korean edition? same size and contents? Also, will there be free POSTERS? Please reply, thanks:]

  16. I’m so happy that they’re music is finally going to be aired in the Philippines. I’m so proud of them ! And oh, thanks for editing this article. I felt disappointed when I first read this without seeing Jay’s name on it, but now that I do, it made my day ! Kekek ~ 2PM Fighting ! ❤


  18. 2PM is a 7-member group!!!
    please don’t let jaebeom be forgotten>:|
    Park JaeBeom-leader,vocals
    Kim JunSu-main vocals
    Ok TaecYeon-rapper
    Jang Wooyoung-vocals
    Lee JunHo-vocals
    Hwang ChanSeong-rapper,Maknae

  19. The jaebum controversy was blown out of proportion, so JYP is making the most out of it and banking on the $$$$$$$ when/if Jaebum returns.

    2pm is such a mediocre band (case in point: Heartbeat’s popularity even if the song is so-so) but together with the controversy, they are truly set to be Korea’s most popular boyband.

  20. WOOT woot! My sister finally bought me the 2PM CD. I can’t wait till she comes back here in CA! DAMN Im EFFING excited. I just hopee people in PH would know about JAY. Jay we’re still waiting for you! x)

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