Are your friends “tired of waiting” for the release 2PM’s “The First Album 01:59PM”? Well, here are 2PM’s ringback tone to ease their aching “heart(beat)“. Let them listen to it “again & again” and “all night long” every time they call you until they’re way too “crazy about you.”


Text (songcode) to 2332 (P15/15 days)

SD621 10 out of 10 (Hook)
SD622 10 out of 10 (Intro)
SD623 10 out of 10 (Nichkhun)
SD624 Again & Again (Hook)
SD625 Again & Again (Intro)
SD626 All Night Long (Hook)
SD627 Back 2 U (Hook)
SD628 Gimme the Light (Hook)
SD629 Heartbeat (Hook)
SD630 Heartbeat (Red Light Mix)
SD631 I Hate You (Lounge Mix)
SD632 I Was Crazy About You (Hook)
SD633 Maybe She’ll Come Back (Bossa Nova Mix)
SD634 My Heart (Hook)
SD635 Only You (Acoustic mix)
SD636 Tired of Waiting (Hook)
SD637 Tired of Waiting (Verse)

To give 2PM ringback tone to your friends, just text GIVE (your friend’s phone number) (code) and send to 2332. PhP15/15 days.


Text GETSONG (songcode) send to 2728 (Php15/15 days)

GETSONG 5480807 Again & Again (Hook)
GETSONG 5480808 Again & Again (Intro)
GETSONG 5480809 Heartbeat (Chorus)
GETSONG 5480810 Heartbeat (Red Light Mix)

Listen to my heartbeat (ringback tone). It’s waiting for you!



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