After the success of their albums “Steady Lang” and “Ayos Din,” popular reggae band Brownman Revival is here to say “Eto Pa!” and get ready to sway to their music once more as they release their latest EP.

This 6 track offering is composed of all original Pinoy reggae tracks featuring the carrier single “Hitik Sa Bunga.” This track will surely be one of the hot anthems this summer with its bouncy beats. Though danceable, it carries a simple yet in-your-face message with its lyrics “mag-ingat sa mga asal talangka. Hihilahin ka nila pababa. Namamato kapag ika’ys hitik sa bunga.” Or simply put, about crab mentality. The single is now on heavy airplay on radio and its music video recently premiered on MYX.

Brownman Revival is composed of Dennis (drums), Jao (bass), Onard (keyboards), Januarie (percussions), Alphy (guitars), Jayson (trombone), Jojo (sax), Ambet (trumpet) and Dino (vocals). They are chosen by Channel [V] Philippines as this month’s VIP (Very Important Pinoy) of the month where the band will be on their various shows all over March.

“We are proud of this EP because it is all originals and no covers for a change,” Dennis said.

This 9-piece band started in 1994 as an independent band but went on to become a mainstream success starting with their major label debut “Steady Lang” which spawned the hits “Maling Akala” (originally by the Eraserheads) “Lintik,” Rainmaker’s “Binibini” and “Ikaw Lang Ang Aking Mahal” (by VST & Co.). This was followed with more popular tunes like “Sorry Na Puede Ba?,” “Walang Kasing Sarap” and “Reggae Fever” with the release of their sophomore album “Ayos Din.” Both albums garnered critics acclaim and made them one of the most in-demand bands in the country.

“Eto Pa,” Brownman Revival’s latest EP, is now out on record stores under Sony Music. To download Brownman Revival’s ringback tones, truetones, full track music from the album, just text SONY to 3456.


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