American alternative rock band TRAIN is ready to spread their music in Manila as they bring “The Save Me San Francisco Tour” at Alabang Town Center on Friday, June 18 at 7PM. Catch the band who gave us the phenomenal world-wide hit single “Hey, Soul Sister” and their latest “If It’s Love.” Click HERE for more info.

Watch Train’s latest music video for “If It’s Love” which was premiered on VH1, check it out here! Train’s fifth album “Save Me San Francisco” is now available in major record stores under Sony Music.

Entertain your callers with Train’s “Hey, Soul Sister” ringback tone, text SD726 to 2332 (GLOBE), text TRAIN1 to 2728 (SMART), or text GETSONG 5481046 to 2728 (SUN). Only P15/15days. To get more of Train’s full track music, true tones and MP3Tones just text CONNECT to 3456.


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