Want to get the music from Alex Gonzaga & Kean Cipriano’s teen drama BFGF on TV5? Then grab a copy of BFGF “Songs from Inspired by Hit TV series” which feature songs from Callalily, Eevee, Letter Day Story, 6cyclemind and a lot more!

Full track list:
1. Gabay – Callalily
2. Hintay – Callalily
3. Gusto Ko Lang Ng Girlfriend – Eevee
4. Kahit Na – Kiss Jane
5. Nababaliw – Letter Day Story
6. Tadhana – Moonstar88
7. Gusto Na Kita – 6cyclemind
8. Kasintahan Kong Pangit – Craeons
9. Maling Akala – Brownman Revival
10. Bigay Na Bigay – Manomano

Here’s a peak of BFGF, the new teen/comedy series which is aired on TV5 every Sunday at 4pm.

Video credits to: TV5, BFGF, gothicbetchai


16 comments on “BFGF ~ THE ALBUM OUT NOW!

  1. request po sa tv5 sana pahabain pa ang oas ng bfgf,at sana marami pang pagsa2mahang show cna alex at kean sa tv5,luv na luv ko po clang dalawa.tnx po.

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