Didn’t catch Letter Day Story’s live performance at the RX93.1 Concert Series last night? Then go to this LINK or click on the image below to watch it on Ustream.

Also here are Letter Day Story’s gig schedule as of today:
August 4 (Wed, 9:30pm) 70’s Bistro
August 6 (Fri, 9am) Morning @ ANC
August 7 (Sat, 8pm) Student Bar Olympics, Tomas Morato & Timog Ave
August 11 (Wed, 1pm) Magic 89.9
August 11 (Wed, 2pm) Mellow 94.7 Stage 1 Live
August 11 (Wed, 3pm) 99.5 RT
August 13 (Fri, 1pm) 92.7 BgyLS Talk To Papa

For more updates on Letter Day Story, add them at www.facebook.com/pages/LETTER-DAY-STORY and become a fan of www.facebook.com/sonymusicphilippines.

Letter Day Story’s first full length album “Sama~Sama” out in stores. Grab a copy now!

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