SAKTO: The Philippine’s Freshest & Most Talented Boy Group

They come from the most diverse backgrounds. Musically, they can shift from pop to r&b, ballad to dance, alternative to even novelty —with so much ease and class.

They are three of the most promising young performers in the Philippines —referred to as — SAKTO (which means exact/perfect/the right mix) with members: stage and dancefloor heartthrobs Edgar Alan Guzman, Rodjun Cruz and Lucky Mark Mercado.

They wowed everyone with their outstanding performance as David Archuleta’s front act in his recent album tour where they performed their now popular act “RAMPA” written by music genius Jungee Marcelo.

They move and groove and dominate the dancefloor every Sunday in “Party On 5” in their FRESH segment where they sing and dance and determine the new youth norm and fashion — and individually, they have their legions of followers in their television dramas.

With their new CD and their carrier single — RAMPA, this group SAKTO is set to conquer the airwaves, the malls and the concert halls with their spirited rendition and infectious energy that is sure to get everyone into that SAKTO mood.

“I’ve never seen a group of male performers move as swiftly, fiercely yet edgy as Edgar, Lucky and Rodjun awesomely do so,” says top radio commentator Mr. FU who just feels so honored being backed by the SAKTO group for his recent collection of songs from Sony Music Philippines. “Any performer will feel that the singing and dancing and even acting standards are always brought to a remarkable and excellent level when SAKTO delivers the best.”

Experience Edgar, Lucky and Rodjun.

Be drawn and be impressed by SAKTO!


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