This 2011, Sony Music Philippines welcomes two new bands to its growing family ~ Ajka & Soundvent!

Nescafe 3-in-1 Soundskool 2010 Grand Winner AJKA formally signed an exclusive recording and management agreement recently with Sony Music Entertainment Philippines Inc. The group, which represents De La Salle University, has bested more than 1,000 hopefuls during the competition garnering 46% of the total votes. They are scheduled to release their debut recording this January 2011. Present during the contract signing are (L-R) Aaron Caligner, bass; Jon Pinto drums; Mario Joson, Sony Music’s Marketing Manager and head of Artist Management; KA Antonio, vocals; Vic Valenciano, Sony Music’s Director for Artists & Repertoire; and JL De Las Llagas, guitars.

SOUNDVENT, one of the top 5 finalists in the recently-concluded Nescafe 3-in-1 Soundskool 2010 college band search signed an exclusive recording and management agreement with Sony Music Entertainment Philippines Inc. The band is now busy composing and recording songs for their debut release. Present during the contract signing are (L-R) JC Feliciano, lead guitar; Jhoranz Lopez, vocals; Mario Joson, Sony Music’s Marketing Manager and head of Artist Management; Jeric Amistoso, rhythm guitar; Vic Valenciano, Sony Music’s Director for Artists & Repertoire; Tim Mejia, drums; and Jeremiah De Asis, bass guitar.

Watch out for these two bands in 2011!



    I really don’t know how I’d sound trustworthy to you, but I really wanted to be a singer, and I don’t know how else I can be one. That is probably why I’m sending you people this message, in hope that I may be given a chance to try my best, if ever I am fit to be your singer. I can honestly say that my confidence is still under construction, but I know through continuous practice I’d be able to overcome that weakness, but I believe that I have good voice. I undergone voice lessons twice, one in RJ’s but I wasn’t entirely satisfied, and next in Yamaha, which I wasn’t able to finish till the end since I went to the province, but in both courses I had more that 7 sessions. . I don’t really know how this letter would sound to you, but I am knocking onto your doors, because I really want to be a singer, but I don’t know where to find that BREAk of sort, so I am hoping that you’d be able to help me. I am 17 years old, I just had my birthday last March 30. My hight is, probably 5.5. I am a dreamer, but I really have problems with my confidence, although I know I can work that out. On the month of may we were suppose to head to CDO, but it seems like my mom wanted to cancel the tickets we availed in superferry, because she says it’s expensive and that she has a lot of payments to finish and stuffs. Good thing my dad allowed us to watch Miley Cyrus’ concert, gold a, me and my sister. I’m really hopeful that you would respond to my request for HELP if that’s the most appropriate term. wahaha! I really LOVE singing, it lifts me up when I am down, and makes me feel like I am SPECIAL. PLEASE….PLEASE…..PLEASE….give me a break….PLEASE…. I also love writing songs and I’m going to share three songs to you guys, and i am presently studying piano so I can put chords on my songs. I hope you’d like it. Still hopeful. Thank you so much and I hope you’d respond to my simple letter. Thank you so much. GOD BLESS. Please keep my songs confidential.
    Taken for granted
    By Nathanael (Nate) Alba

    verse 1
    Music is my escape from this,
    from all the broken and the tease,
    now I’m talking to you dear,
    can you sense my feelings of fear,
    fear that one day I’ll cry again,
    and write songs composed of ten,

    I haven’t told you this ever before,
    cuz I know you won’t see what it is for,
    I am taken for granted,
    all the things that I did for you are thrown,
    like a piece of junk you have never known,
    I am taken for granted,
    I’ve got thoughts of moving away from you,
    if that’s what it takes to help you be true,
    whatever I do, it won’t be us two,

    verse 2
    I told myself once not to cry,
    to be strong so one day I’ll fly,
    with you is where I shouldn’t be,
    cuz I don’t have your one true key,

    I don’t know if what I’m thinking is right,
    of whether I should surrender this fight,
    of whether I shoould ignore all the sight,
    I am less appreciated by you, but there’s always a desire for us to,
    for us to be together,
    I’m still hoping it’s forever,
    but now I truly realize,
    that what you’ve done was more than thrice,
    you left this loving heart to die,
    I’m leaving, it’ll hurt but I’ll try,
    I hope now that you’re that much happy,
    cuz ever since I was taken for granted,

    NOte: this song is simply about being taken for granted. Read the lines it’s all there. wahaha! this has syllables.
    Did you ever
    By Nathanael (Nate) Alba

    verse 1
    Was there ever a time when it felt dark,
    when the world feels like an inverted ark,
    when the world where you are standing feels like,
    like a broken spark from a broken wire,

    I’m gonna ask did you ever feel that?
    How was it? was it bad? or just like mine,

    did you ever feel like you’re so alone,
    like all heartaches and mischief you are prone,
    like all the energy to laugh are gone,
    and you feel like everyhing is done,
    did you ever feel that way please tell me,
    so I won’t feel like it’s only me,
    whose dream ain’t there, whose love ain’t fair….oh please

    verse 2
    why can life sometimes be so cruel,
    you’d always need refills like a fuel,
    why can’t it be easy like when I yell,
    this life matters too much for when I tell,

    How can all of these possibly hurt,
    oh when will I ever get the right keys,
    to this dream of ever singing on stage,
    of the right one that won’t ever leave me in vain,
    a love from both family and the one,
    a love that renders no pain but pure love,

    note: this song talks about an unexplainable hurt. A feeling of being so in bad luck that it seems as if your life is cursed. It’s a feeling you’ve never felt before. A feeling of being alone. a feeling of, like being in a black hole, or space where the only one you can talk with is yourself. It’s the fact that it seems like you can’t reach your dreams because there are a lot in you, and around you that stops you from that, and you sometimes feel like the feeling of being lucky to have your family lessens and now you feel troubled and alone. When all you really wanted is no pain but pure love from family, friends, dream, and all that is in Earth. this has syllables

    Irritation, Frustration, Devastation
    By Nathanael (Nate) Alba

    verse 1
    How dare you send a message dear good friends,
    How dare you judge us without being sure
    of our side of the story which is pure
    I don’t know how to get you people cured

    Cuz probably it’s incurable
    you people are unfathomable

    Do you know, do you know what I feel, feel right now,
    Yeah, irritation, frustration, devastation,
    do not look at me as if I did something wrong,
    it’s your fault you people are judgmental to us,
    spoiled brat, acting crap, want a fight,
    exaggerated piece of gun,
    shooting us straight to our good heads,
    at least it has some freakin’ good worth,
    worth worth worth has some freaking worth

    verse 2
    stop walking like some fashion creep, you’re not,
    stop looking at us like we’re not humans,
    we have feelings too, you should know that now,
    we’re not slaves we’re not your old good driver,

    ever since before you’ve bossed people around stop that please,
    the other one was such a good, good friend, what did happen,
    you’ve lost your way in a wrong road leading toa dark place with him,
    I’m sorry for judging you, but you should know well,
    than to send a text and make us feel like, feel like,
    like we have never been friends, why be so bad now,
    Issa before we were close friends,
    I was nice yet not believed in,

    note: This song actually talks about friends who sent a group message saying something about the group as not considered a group of friends. It’s about being judged first, of causing problems within the group of friends, and you tried to explain but it seems like you are not believed in. It’s basically about anger and being inexplicably pissed off. It’s somehow to a friend whom you thought won’t think of you or the group that way, but did. But we are okay now. wahaha! I can explain it much thoroughly. the song is made to have syllables.

  2. sorry I wrote my letter here. I just don’t know how to reach you guys. I’m really sorry. 🙂

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