Forever can never be long enough for me

But there’s one thing left to do

Marry Me

Today and every day

say you will…

These are lines from Train’s new single “Marry Me” which has been touching the heart of millions around the world!

  • Click here to watch the heartfelt birthday video made by a 35-year-old cancer patient Kristian Anderson for his wife Rachel. The sad yet powerful video was set to the song ‘Marry Me’ by Train from the ‘Save Me San Francisco’ album. The song will again be featured on OPRAH this January 20 (US).
  • On the 15th Season of The Bachelor, Train plays a private concert and serenaded Jackie and Brad on their romantic date at The Hollywood Bowl which also help “Marry Me” climb at #29 spot on iTunes!
  • Check out the official music video of “Marry Me” here.

Make “Marry Me” your ringback tone, just text SE566 to 2332 [globe], text TRAIN19 to 2728 [smart] or text GETSONG 5481836 to 2728 [sun]. Only PhP15/15 days!


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