While Cesar Montano’s achievements as an actor remain unparalleled in the industry, he finds time to focus on yet another seldom-explored passion of his – Music.

As he gets smoother and better like fine wine (not to mention younger looking) through the years, Cesar showcases his talent not only on singing, but also writing songs in his new outing simply called “Cesar Montano” under Sony Music Entertainment.

The film icon’s spanking new self-titled solo album under Sony contains seven original songs and two well-loved ditties (“Oh Babe” and “Love”) guaranteed to spark memories to warm the heart of those who will hear.

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The album’s carrier single is the easy listening “Darating Ang Araw,” written by Ramon Nestor Cajipe from the arrangement of Benjie Pating. The song is a lover’s lighthearted attempt to express the heartbreak over the love that he is about to lose. The song was a unanimous favorite among radio stations this early.

For this album produced by Ferdie Marquez, Cesar collaborated and shared musical brilliance with some of the most respected musicians of our time – Noel Cabangon who wrote the music for the song “Awit ni Melvin” and Rico Blanco for “Panahon na Naman.”

“Awit Ni Melvin” holds special meaning to Cesar as the inspiration to pen those words came right after he witnessed the sorrow of Melvin’s family and friends when he perished in that freak cyanide poisoning at a school in Bohol a few years back, where other young students also died.

It is no secret to a lot of people that Cesar breathes words as much as he breathes visual art when creativity strikes the artist in him. For this album, Cesar’s writing talent has been easily ignited. He contributed his own songs “Patawarin,” “Bago Maging Bato” and the theme song of his new sitcom on GMA-7 “Andres De Saya” (set to start airing next month) to complete the new album. After all, Cesar is undeniably greatly missed in the recording scene. His first solo album, “Subok Lang” was released in 2000 under Star Records. He fondly calls this Sony Music outing, “Pasubok ulit.”

“Cesar Montano,” the album, boasts of the following tracks: “Darating Ang Araw,” “Panahon Na Naman,” “Patawarin,” “Para Sa Yo Lamang,” “Oh Babe,” “Bago Maging Bato,” “Andres De Saya,” “Love,” and “Awit ni Melvin.”

In the decade since, we have seen Cesar dabble and excel in various endeavors. While treading familiar ground in projects such as Hollywood’s “The Great Raid” and his critically acclaimed directorial debut “Panaghoy sa Suba,” Cesar is set to come up with more movie projects this year and next, beginning with his passion project “Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig” which he wrote, will direct and star in. He leaves for China on the second week of April to shoot the entirety of this movie there.

Cesar is indeed a man of numerous talents. His Italian restaurant, Bellissimo, one of the havens of good food in the heart of Quezon City, gives him the outlet where his culinary genius comes to fore. Hanging on the walls of Bellissimo are some of his art pieces also, most of which have been sold in separate exhibits held in November 2009 at the Ayala Museum, and another in California late last year. Cesar is also currently completing his new art collection for another exhibit in the US this year.




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