You’ve probably already heard his song on the radio. Now it’s time to meet the man behind the music—Mark Alain, the crooner who brings his self-titled solo album to the airwaves with his carrier single, “Maghihintay.”

Mark had actually recorded the song independently when Sony Music decided to take him under its wing and sign him up for a solo record—an experience which Mark describes as akin to “winning the lottery jackpot.”

Looking to the likes of Michael Jackson and James Ingram as his musical idols, Mark hopes to leave his own footprint in the music industry and make the most of his “lottery jackpot” by creating ballads worth remembering.

Mark’s style uses hints of pop to spice up romantic tracks, such as in “Sa Piling Ko,” “Loving You,” “Isang Araw” and “Ika’y Mapapasaakin.”

Check out photo’s from Mark Alain’s press con yesterday, April 13 at Patio Carlito:

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The former vocalist of the band Frio, Mark continues to collaborate with his old bandmates Raz Itum and Tristan Climaco, who wrote some of the songs in this new album.

Mark Alain, the album, is now out in CDs under Sony Music.




  1. I heard his song “Maghihintay” in Blusang Itim. He sounds super awesome! Keep it up, I’m sure you’ll make it BIG someday. 🙂

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