Beyoncé album tracklisting for her new album “4” were revealed one-by-one, every hour on her official facebook page today. Check out the final track list below:

  1. 1+1
  2. ICare
  3. IMissYou
  4. BestThingINeverHad
  5. Party(FeaturingAndre3000)
  6. RatherDieYoung
  7. StartOver
  8. LoveOnTop
  9. Countdown
  10. EndOfTime
  11. IWasHere
  12. RunTheWorld(Girls)

Beyoncé also introduced the first track “1+1” with a breathtaking performance on today’s American Idol Season 10 finale. Click HERE to watch her performance. Also check out the single cover for “1+1” below and make sure to visit for more info on Beyoncé’s “4” album that is set to come out on June 28.

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