Kaligta music video for their 2nd single “Aking Ka-ibigan” is now on MYX Philippines. Help it get into the MYX charts, text MYX REQUEST AKING KA-IBIGAN and send to 2366.

To download the FREE ringback of “Aking Ka-ibigan,” just text SF587 to 2332 (globe), text KALIGTA3 to 2728 or text 5482815 to 2300 (sun for only P5). Get it now.



“Awitin Mula Sa’yo” is the debut single and music video from Soundskool 2010 finalist Kaligta, and dwells upon one’s battle against personal fears and conquering the same through faith — in God and in the person’s own strength. Directed by J. Pacena II (Gloc 9, Letter Day Story, Eevee), the music video was done in a minimalist approach playing-up on shadows and silhouettes which goes very well with the video’s concept.


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UPLB lads Kilos’ first offering is a playful take on our favorite radio character which, in the music video, was literally portrayed through a lovely vixen role-playing as a doctor to a bunch of black-and-blue-beaten young boys played by members of Kilos themselves. The music video, helmed by J. Pacena II, instantly became MYX’s Pick of the Week two days after it’s debut on-air.


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Puzzle cut outs and colorful production design are the main visual points of this fun and energetic music video by Soundskool 2010 finalist and Greenhills Sessionistas champs – Soundvent, also directed by J. Pacena II. Originally intended to be a one-take shoot, the video was one of the quickest gigs the director has done in terms of shooting time, but is definitely is the one which consumed the most hours in terms of preparation of the props and production design. Check out below to see why…


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KALIGTA: Akin Ka Kaibigan * Awitin Mula Sa’yo

KILOS: Leaves * Dr. Love

SOUNDVENT: Tayo * Di Na Lang


SOUNDVENT, KALIGTA & KILOS: Ready for imminent change of guards in OPM scene

No matter how good and well-loved established acts are, there always comes a time when emerging ones are given the chance to shine, too.

Sony Music knows this well and so invests in the future by coming up with the concept EP, “X3M.” The six-track output features two original songs each by recent Nescafe Soundskool finalists Kilos, Kaligta and Soundvent. Every group has its distinct sound and musical style that are sure to win more fans and help reinvigorate the local music scene.

Kilos is composed of vocalist Chao Sison, guitarist Andres Villaruel, drummer Kevin Vega and bass guitarist Dunne Mamhot. They recorded the songs “Dr. Love,” the promotional single that comes with a music video; and “Leaves,” the demo of which got them into Nescafe Soundskool.

The boys of Kilos have known each other for years. They all studied at Quezon City Science High School and went to college at U.P. Los Banos. They are a rock band influenced by different musical genres.

Kaligta, on the other hand, is the country’s first Christian band in recent years. Comprised by church mates who honed their musical skills through music ministries during worship services, they offer uplifting songs that are ecumenical enough to be embraced by all kinds of music lovers regardless of faith.

For “X3M,” the brothers Michael and Arnold Artita (singer and guitarist, respectively), bass guitarist Sherman Tupas and drummer John Michael Dino contributed “Awitin Mula Sa Yo” and “Aking Ka-ibigan.” The first talks about using the song in your heart to turn your life around, while the second is a love song in upbeat tempo.

The bands name is short for “kaligtasan” (salvation). “We thought of shortening it to ‘kaligta’ so it comes across as if the last part of the word was forgotten. They say in psychology that the more you want to forget something, the more it sticks to your head. We hope it works here,” said Michael.

 Finally, Soundvent. With their winsome pop/alternative sound, vocalist Jhoranz Lopez, drummer Tim Mejia, guitarists JC Feliciano and Jeric Amistoso, and bassist Jeremiah de Asis are, indeed, ready for the big time. Their songs “Di Na Lang” and “Tayo” have impressed even the likes of Sponge Cola and Robert Javier of The Youth, both of whom the band had worked with recently either on stage or in studio.

The band’s influences range from The Script and Switchfoot to John Mayer and Vertical Horizon. They believe in the importance of good songwriting and good musical arrangement, making the resolve to never put out half-baked material.

The three bands are set to record their respective full-length albums soon.

“X3M” under Sony Music swells a catalogue that have works by the country’s hottest recording artists including Gloc-9, Pupil, Itchyworms, Eevee, Letter Day Story and many more.