SONY MUSIC WEEKLY WRAP-UP | Nov12 – 18, 2011

Need a quick catch-up or review of the week’s hottest news?
Here’s a re-cap from November 12-18, 2011.

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  • Letter Day Story Releases New EP “BREAKAWAY”
  • LETTER DAY STORY NEW EP “BREAKAWAY” OUT NOW. See photo of the new album
  • announces LETTER DAY STORY’s NEW EP “BREAKAWAY.” Grab a copy now!
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Letter Days Story is now riding high on the success of their latest single “Save Me”.  Gaining a steady stream of airplay in tastemaker stations like 89.9 Magic, RX 93.1, and Jam 88.3,  “Save Me” captured the attention of the hip mainstream  audience that has always been craving for new and original OPM band music.  Letter Day Story attracted a new wave of followers, particularly in their social media streams, venting out their clamour to hear more songs from LDS.  Hence, the  EP “Breakaway” is now released. ‘Breakaway’ consists of six tracks – including ‘Save Me’ – ‘Smile’, ‘Breakaway’, Ikaw at Ako’, Hinahanap’, and ‘The Hero Within’ – the last track having been featured on AXN Channel where LDS are ambassadors.

The release of Letter Day Story’s digital single “Save Me” last August was a pivotal point  in their career as recording artists.  They’ve  had their share of sophomore jitters inspite of their current stature.  They’ve been together as a band for over ten years,  won the grand prize in a prestigious band competition, released their debut EP “Sulat Araw Kwento” in 2009; released their debut album “Sama-Sama” in 2010; and are signed and managed by Sony Music Philippines — yet, LDS opted to test the waters once again with “Save Me”.    The remarkable response by their loyal fans and new set of “likers” also compelled them to release an official music video for “Save Me”, which is now airing on MYX Philippines and other music video shows.

The EP “Breakaway” is out now in digital formats,  available for mobile and online downloading at major online sites like iTunes (click HERE).  CD formats are also available at leading record stores.


For booking inquiries please contact:
Mario Joson: +63 9175204587
Queenie Macahilig: +63 9178044940
Or call at phone number +63 2 6363721.

Connect with LDS at the following social media sites:


‘Letter’ because the messages of our songs are in a way, being ‘sent’ out. ‘Story’ because we write about people’s lives. ‘Day’ because the stories are usually based on day-to-day experiences.

Such is the genesis of band Letter Day Story’s chosen name. If that’s any indication of how rich their music could be, then you’re not mistaken. Letter Day Story (LDS) is much more, so let the storytelling in music begin.

Letter Day Story is comprised of Aldrick ‘Dex’ Yu (vocals), John Oliver ‘Oli’ Agustin (bass), Chrisanthony ‘Not’ Vinzons (guitars), and Emil Joseph ‘Ej’ Arabit (drums) — all of them studied at the Conservatory of Music at University of Sto. Tomas. In November 2002, they decided to become a true rock ‘n’ roll band. In such a short time, LDS managed to book a gig, grabbing the attention of new listeners and gaining fans. With patience, teamwork, and a lot of practice, LDS was becoming a musical force to be reckoned with. Six years later, LDS joined Nescafe Soundskool and they won the grand prize. And in two years, the band wrote, recorded, and produced songs; LDS launched their first album ‘Sama Sama’ released under Sony Music Entertainment Philippines

‘We learned a lot along the way’, lead singer/chief songwriter Dex Yu says. ‘From people posing as managers to get their hands on your music for free, to rejection from record labels and gigs that don’t pay – we’ve seen it all’.

But instead of getting jaded and giving up, Letter Day Story pushed through. They considered their debut album ‘Sama Sama’ and its tracks the ‘products of instinct and intellect’. With producer Jonathan Ong of Sonic State Audio at the helm, the record was given a grander aural dimension.

Even with LDS’ constant rise to rock-dom and a slew of admiring fans, they don’t consider themselves as sellouts. In fact, they still embrace the underground scene. Letter Day Story are equal-opportunity musicians – they can collaborate with the most celebrated artists – Gloc-9 (‘Martilyo’), Yeng Constantino (‘Kung Maibabalik’), and Jaq Dionisio of band Kiss Jane (‘Isang Umaga’) – but they never forget their humble beginnings. Letter Day Story is truly moving up.

What’s next for Letter Day Story? A new single titled ‘Save Me’, written by bassist Oli Agustin in an hour and produced in just a day last July.

Oli’s inspiration for ‘Save Me’ was a dream he had where he was roaming the streets, searching for his loved ones, but to no avail. Here was the world, ending, yet Oli is alone and all he wants is to be with people he loves the most. But even with such bleak origins, Oli is keeping positive. ‘In spite of the world nearing its end, even when everyone has left you… HOPE will guide you’.

‘Save Me’ is the first single off of Letter Day Story’s upcoming EP ‘Breakaway’ under Sony Music Entertainment Philippines that will be released later this month. ‘Breakaway’ consists of six tracks – including ‘Save Me’ – ‘Smile’, ‘Breakaway’, Ikaw at Ako’, Hinahanap’, and ‘The Hero Within’ – the last track having been featured on AXN Channel where LDS are ambassadors.

Letter Day Story spin tales through their music and they want you to listen and spin with them.

For booking inquiries please contact: Mario Joson: +63 9175204587 or Queenie Macahilig: +63 9178044940 or call at phone number +63 2 6363721.

Connect with LDS at the following social media sites:


LDS also known as Letter Day Story is back with a new single called “Save Me.”

Following their 2010 full-length album ‘Sama~Sama’ which includes the hits singles “Ikaw Pa Rin,” “Sulong,” “Sama~Sama” and “Paano,” LDS returns with “Save Me” which reflects the bands new sound and growth as musicians. The song was first revealed last August 15 via their official facebook fanpage and premiered on radio on August 17 at Jam88.3 The Showdown on JAM 88.3.

“Save Me” is written by Oli Agustin, the band’s bassist and produced by Jonathan Ong of Sonic State Audio who also produced other songs from their upcoming album that will be released by October on i-Tunes. Meanwhile, “Save Me” is now available for FREE ringback tone download for Globe subscribers, simply text SG190 to 2332.


letter day story

Their band name—Letter Day Story, is quite literal in its meaning, writing their significant day to day experiences which become their creative yet easy-to-relate-with stories. Like any other, theirs have a beginning.

Formed in November 2002, by then University of Santo Tomas music majors Dex Yu (Vocals), Oli Agustin (Bass), Not Vinzons (Guitars) and EJ Arabit (Drums), their love and interest for the craft brought them together. The following month, they got their very first gig which caught the attention of many. This made them decide to take it seriously.

“At first, our parents didn’t really approve of us being in a band, but we just love what we are doing and maybe we are just persistent,” Dex said. “In the end, they understood.”

Their path though was not without any bumps. As an independent band, they struggled to make their music heard–looking for gigs, submitting demos and searching for possible exposure. But this did not deter the band. They kept on writing and performing for different crowds.

“Before our lives were a bit hard for us because, reality check, we were thinking that time is catching up with us and for six years we were struggling in the underground scene. Although we have nothing against it, we owe this much on the scene, and we are thankful enough because our skills improved in that time,” EJ said.

Until Nescafe Soundskool—a nationwide band competition came.

“We thought it’s time to take it to the next level,” EJ said.

“We joined primarily just for exposure not really expecting to win,” Dex said.

But everything happened so fast for the band. From making it to the eliminations, Letter Day Story represented the Greater Manila Area and ended up winning the competition.

“We’re stunned at first because, we’re not paying attention when the grand winner is called because we’re all tired. We thought it is just a round up call for all the bands,” Oli said.

As if winning was not enough, the band was signed a record and management deal with multi-national record label Sony Music.

“It was such a blessing that our dreams of having our own record came true. And what could be any better is being with Sony Music whose line-up of artists is so unbelievable,” Oli said.

The band completed their first EP entitled “Sulat, Araw, Kwento.” The band brings along in this record their alternative punk style influenced by well-known acts such as Fall Out Boy, Dashboard Confessional, New Found Glory, The All-American Rejects. It includes five tracks written by the band themselves like the carrier single “Ikaw Pa Rin,” the charged up song “Positib,” “Nababaliw,” “Makakasama Ka” and “Mithi.”

“In our songs you can hear different kinds of emotions, and everybody can relate to our lyrics. We just perform, give all what we’ve got, and we got this “energy” when we are up on the stage,” Not said.

With their perseverance and right mind-set, listeners can be assured they will get to hear more of this promising band.

The Letter Day Story continues.

“Sulat, Araw, Kwento” EP is now out at leading record stores under Sony Music Entertainment Philippines.