Check out Business Mirror’s interview on Sony Music’s very own acoustic gem, Stephanie Dan. Click HERE to read the full article. Also don’t forget to grab a copy of “Love To Love Acoustic,” her debut album which is now out in stores.


If there is one thing that comes to mind when you hear the word acoustic music, that would be laidback. And those words perfectly describe Sony Music’s latest gem Stephanie Dan.

“It reflects who I am. It’s an extension of my personality. You won’t find any heavy music in my iPod because that’s just not me. I’m a laidback kind of person. I appreciate a kind gentle whisper. I want to be able to understand the song I’m listening to and not just hear it. Acoustic music fits in just perfectly with me,” Stephanie said.
With her sweet voice and charm, she is set to put more personality in acoustic music that would set her apart from other acts.

“The main difference would be my playful take on the songs. My style is acoustic like the others but my personality when I sing is definitely unique and it’s transferred into the songs. No one said acoustic has to be serious and uptight. So I keep it lively and fun. No dim yellow light over my head please,” the young lady teasingly quips.

Stephanie’s kind of music will soon be heard in “Love to Love Acoustic,” her debut Sony Music album that includes covers of today’s most popular tracks.

“The album is not just a collection of songs I enjoy singing but it’s almost like a personal diary. I like to quote others to better express myself so now I’ve covered songs to do just that. If I were to use food to describe the album it would be a tropical fruit platter with lightly dressed greens on the side. It’s healthy and clean, light on the ears and heart.”

“Love to Love Acoustic” features Stephanie’s versions of hits like Katy Perry’s “Firework”, Jessie J’s “Price Tag,” Train’s “Hey Soul Sister,” Usher’s “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love,” Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” and a lot more.

“The songs have been slowed down and mellowed out but it still retains the artists’ original mood and feeling. They are all from my personal hit list. Songs that reflect who I am, how I think, what I have felt and what I believe in,” Stephanie said.

The tracks are so special to her that she is excited to sing it live in front of an audience.
“For me, singing to an audience is like making a public speech. You’re advocating the lyrics, the thoughts, the emotions. Your intension is either to inform or persuade the audience with what you’re singing just like in public speaking. Each track in the album, do just that. I wouldn’t sing a song about jealousy or about spending all my money if it doesn’t mirror who I am. All the songs are easy to sing along with. They evoke good times, love, hope and the simple joys in life. That’s how and who I am.”

Discovered by Sony Music through a demo, Stephanie Dan, a then simple girl working for her family’s business, never thought that she would pluck out from hundreds of wannabe singers and be signed up by a major record label.

“It definitely came as a big surprise. I should say heaven sent because it was out of the blue. I was thinking that something must be wrong. Imagine the shy girl afraid to sing because she might croak, with the thick bangs and nerdy gold rimmed glasses, signing up with one of the top recording companies,” she said.

Definitely the name Stephanie Dan will be the one to watch out for this year and in the years to come. Her album “Love to Love Acoustic” hits record stores in July 2011.

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