Adam Lambert Humbled By The Devotion Of His Fans
Check out this recent Adam Lambert video interview!  If you want to know what Adam thinks of his fans and fan gifts click HERE!


Backstreet Boys’ This Is Us Embraces Dirty South Sound
It’s back to the pulsating beats and dance-music vibe, and Brian Littrell thinks now is the perfect time for the guys to show the world they still have what it takes.  To get the full scoop on the Backstreet Boys’ new and old sounds, listen to the MTV phone interview HERE!
Backstreet Boys are #1 Across Asia
Backstreet’s back, and Asia can prove it.  “Straight Through My Heart” is #1 at radio in Indonesia and Korea, #3 in Hong Kong, and #4 in Lebanon and Taiwan.  The album has jumped up to #1 from #13 in Korea.  Keep up the great work fans!  The boys appreciate everything!


Barbra Will Be Co-Starring With Liza Minelli
Liza Minelli recently revealed that she and Barbra Streisand will be co-starring in the upcoming Sex & the City movie sequel.  Minelli has told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper that apart from performing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” hit, backed by two females in wigs, fellow diva Barbra Streisand will also appear in a lavish wedding scene.  To read up on the story click HERE.
Barbra Streisand Top 10 Debut in Argentina
Barbra’s new album has debuted in Argentina at #7!  Fantastic!  Let’s get her up to #1.  What other countries love Barbra?


Beyonce And Billboard Break It Down
After gracing the cover of Billboard magazine as “Woman Of The Year”, Beyonce sat down with Billboard recently for a personal and in depth interview.  B touched on topics from exercise regimes, to her new fragrance, and even future plans for having children! Beyonce’s interview with Billboard is a must read!  Take a look at the interview HERE.
Beyonce Still Tops Global Charts!
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