Check out One Direction’s performance of “Gotta Be You” on UK X-Factor. “Gotta Be You” is the second single from Up All Night album and their follow-up to their hit song “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Locally, One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” is currently #9 on MYX International Charts and #16 on MYX Hit Charts. Keep supporting the video, text MYX<space>REQUEST<space>WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL and send to 2366.


The Cast of Glee rocked X Factor UK on Saturday with a Gleetastic all singing all dancing performance on the show. The show had 17.2 million viewers (usually has an audience of 15 Million) Simon Cowell nearly missed the start of the show as he took time out to come and say hi and congratulate them on their global success.

The cast were in London to promote their new albums ‘Glee: The Christmas Album’ and “Glee: Best of Season One”. The Glee phenomenon continues to set sales records; The Glee cast have surpassed both The Beatles and now James Brown this week for the #2 most entries on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with a grand total so far of 93. According to Billboard, only Elvis Presley has more entries than Glee with a total of 108 entries on their Hot 100 chart. To date over 17 million Glee songs have been digitally downloaded, with over 6.5 million albums sold worldwide. In the UK fans have downloaded in excess of the 2 million Glee tracks.

Check out their awesome performance below:


‘Dramatic, note perfect and rich with emotion, ‘Rhydian’ is the first album of an indisputably fantastic original singing voice’

After being discovered on The X Factor in 2007 where he was touted as the bookies’ favourite to win, Rhydian now bursts back onto the music scene with his magnificent debut album.

Clip from X-Factor


Rhydian’s undeniable talent, unmistakable voice and look have already won him an army of fans, and will attract many more with the launch of his self-titled debut album. Crammed full of passionate, inspiring songs performed in his inimitable style, Rhydian is set to touch the hearts of millions with his mesmerising classical voice.


The Welsh star’s impeccable technique as displayed on his polished debut performance is the result of a lifetime passion for singing and an unparalleled commitment to his craft. Beginning as a boy soprano at just age three, Rhydian’s goal has always been to connect with the British public through the gift of his classically trained voice. The release of his album Rhydian is quite literally a dream come true for the talented singer.


The album has been almost a year in the making and well worth it. To perfect his debut effort, Rhydian has worked with an array of producers, with mentors including Steve Mac, Desmond Child, Quiz & Larossi, Per Magnusson and David Kreuger.

An number of original tracks have been written especially for Rhydian, including the heart-stirring ‘I’m Coming Home Again’. The stunning lead single ‘The Impossible Dream’ was unveiled exclusively on the X Factor.


The album will also feature his showstoppers from the X Factor, Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’, West Side Story’s ‘Somewhere’ and ‘What If’, a fantastic duet with Broadway star Idina Menzel.

Rhydian commented, “You can’t rush a good album; we wanted to make something timeless, full of great songs, not just an X Factor tribute.” Rhydian added: “Whatever song I sing, I try to put my own stamp on it.  I am classically trained, but I don’t regard myself as an opera singer. I quite like the fact that I don’t fit into any particular style. I just try and connect with a song myself and then, if I’m moved, I can actually make a magnetic connection with an audience.”

Rydian’s self-titled album is now available in record stores released under Sony Music (Philippines). Grab a copy now!